Growth in an eCommerce business can be challenging.  There are many moving pieces, and while the desire to grow is great, the reality is that change can be overwhelming and debilitating.  If you have ever felt as though you don’t know what your next step is or have trouble navigating a robust online platform’s inner workings, then a VA may be a realistic option in helping you manage and scale your online business.

Virtual assisting is skyrocketing businesses’ performance, productivity and capital far beyond what a single entrepreneur is capable of, removing the stress and anxiety associated with scaling your business.

“Virtual Assistants leverage your online business needs.”

What is a Virtual Assistant?​

A Virtual assistant is a keyholder for your company’s growth and expansion in online platforms. Virtual assistants work remotely and cater their services around your needs. Administrative, creative and technical tasks are all a part of a VA’s robust toolbelt.

VA Relief Virtual Assistants can manage:

  • Customer Service
  • Listing Management
  • Daily Sales Reporting
  • Logistics Management
  • Feed File Uploads
  • Feedback Monitoring
  • Return Management
  • Reimbursements
  • Order Databasing
  • Reconcile Shipments
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Run Deals
  • Catalog Research

Ecommerce is Now

A few years ago, we heard big players say eCommerce was the way of the future. Well, it is, but it’s already here, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

From platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart to the countless other online marketplaces for creatives, eCommerce is booming. Covid-19 brought the reality that office spaces aren’t in high demand and that many employees can now work from home.  

Job loss became a more present reality, and people turned to eCommerce to find alternative ways to support themselves. If you are new to eCommerce, then be prepared to ride the twists and turns of the online journey. 

Here’s the thing though, what if you didn’t have to navigate it alone? What if you had someone behind the scenes with education, experience and expertise in the online platform you are attempting to master? It wouldn’t be so challenging, it wouldn’t be so daunting, and the success rate would have much higher returns.

People pay thousands of dollars for eCommerce courses. When the course is over, though, it’s the end of the road. There is no ongoing support, no one to discuss how or why your eCommerce listing was removed. You’re often left to fend for yourself with the barrage of inadequate platform support systems in place. Added that hiring gurus or experts can cost you upwards of $300 an hour.

The fixes to get your business moving again can take months, or they can have devastating impacts altogether. A high NCX rating on Amazon or a copyright infringement case, whether unfounded or not, can close your business dead in its tracks.  

With a virtual assistant, you can access someone who knows these platforms like the back of their hands.  VA’s come pre-trained with continuous feedback and a thirst for knowledge.  They are highly skilled, and eCommerce is their expertise. You have the insight you need to keep moving forward with the assurance that things in your backend are running smoothly and efficiently.



Here is an example of 7 primary steps a virtual assistant would enact within the Amazon platform on your behalf: 

  1. Market Research– A VA examines what opportunities are out there, if the numbers make sense, and if you can outpace the current market. 
  2. Competitor Research– Once the market is evaluated, a virtual assistant examines the competition for factors such as brand story, the offer itself, and how many competitors you could potentially be up against. What are some key areas of differentiation that could help set you apart from the competition?
  3. Keyword Analysis– Critical to your success on a platform like Amazon, you need to have highly searched and highly relevant keywords. It is essential to examine cost factors associated with those keywords and if the margins for advertising within the platform make sense. A VA has you covered here too!
  4. Listing Management– At this stage, you are live and selling on Amazon. The daily routines of keeping your listing in good standing and running smoothly are aspects a virtual assistant would complete on your behalf. Ex: Customer feedback responses, review mitigation, NCX and account health, optimization ideas, and so on.
  5. Logistics Management– You found a well-selling product and created a brand, but you keep running out of inventory. Organizing freight forwarders and setting up shipping plans in the Amazon backend can be time-consuming and confusing. A virtual assistant oversees the logistics side of your online business, eliminating confusion and frustration.
  6. Reimbursements– They say if you aren’t tracking reimbursements in Amazon, you are losing money. A VA takes this task on with ease, settling and accounting for any reimbursements you are owed. Time and money in your pocket!
  7. Running Deals– Promotions are front and center on Amazon, and if you don’t know how to leverage them, you are missing out on SALES. Prime day exclusive deals, lightning deals and basic coupons can be set up and run from your trusted VA.

You don’t need to stress over every aspect and worry about the unknown when you can leverage your secret weapon at the start of your online business.

Your Precious Time is Valuable

There is one thing in this life you don’t get back, and that is your time. It’s like cold hard cash; once it’s gone, it’s gone. There isn’t a never-ending supply of it unless you’ve grown a money tree out back or scaled your online business by leveraging VA’s to do some of the grit work!

Having more time means you are more productive; instead of turning your business in circles, you’re continuously making moves and taking action. You’re progressing and not stagnating. 

More time also means more balance, more focus on health and wellness. The daily operations of your business run better when you run better. This is precisely the impact a Virtual Assistant can have on your personal life, as well as your business.

Now that we’ve defined what is a virtual assistant, the simple answer is this: A Virtual Assistant is a gatekeeper in giving you your time back. 

Whether you’re already heavily involved in the eCommerce scene or you’re just starting, A Virtual Assistant is your one-stop-shop for productivity, efficiency and knowledge that can help you advance your online business to the next level.

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