This is the jumping off point for most people booking a consultation call with us, and is a valid question for anyone looking to hire for their business. The hesitancy that we hear most is just a lack of knowledge about how best to train and utilize a VA. That’s why our system is built to help you every step of the way.

  1. Our Virtual Assistants are highly educated and come to you with significant knowledge on Ecommerce platforms – so right off the bat, they may actually be able to identify areas that you have been missing. These could be anything from money-saving practices to ways to streamline your processes. We’ve actually seen clients pay for their service for a year just in one month of streamlining various parts of their online business.
  1. If you’re debating needing help, you’re probably ready. Don’t wait until you’re drowning to flag down a lifeguard. Bring on help when you start getting the inkling that you need it. Why? Because it allows you to scale and grow in a doable way, without getting burnt out.
  1. Write it out: Take notes on everything that you or your current team are doing that could be passed over to a Virtual Assistant. Paying attention to those time sucking activities is a great way to get a full view on your current workload. Also consider where your own or employees time could be better spent once those tasks are no longer impacting your days.
  1. Any time you hire a new employee you increase your overall bandwidth. Are there projects that you’ve been putting off because there just isn’t time to jump into them? Bringing on a VA may be the key to being able to tackle those ideas.
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