Inventory Management Services

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Checking Inventory

Check all the units available in the seller’s Warehouse/Inventory every week to make sure all the units are correct, and all relevant units are added in inventory.

Coordinate with Warehouse and Supplier

Coordinate with the logistics teams and process shipments from warehouse based on the seller’s business model.

Doing Audit Of Returned Items From FBA

For Amazon Sellers, after receiving removal units, we can do an audit of the units to make sure the reason given by the customer is valid or not. We can make a detailed report of each removal order so that whenever needed, we can send to Amazon for review. – VERY IMPORTANT FOR SELLERS THAT DO LARGE VOLUME AND ARE SUBJECT TO FRAUD.

Preparing Forecasting Inventory Sheet

 Monitor the daily sales of all the items along with the inventory available. Accordingly, we forecast sales and do an inventory analysis. This is an ART that no tool can do well. There are far too many variables for AI to do this properly.

Processing Replacement Orders

After contacting the buyers, after receiving a reply and they are ready for the replacement, we are processing the replacement as per the standard process.

FBA Shipment Reconciliation

Reconciliations of FBA shipments to make sure Amazon received and added the complete units which we sent under the specific shipment – this is very valuable as many times units are not received correctly, and money is lost.

Creating Shipping Labels

Creation of FBA shipping labels as per Amazon rules and regulation, download the labels, and send labels based on the seller’s needs. Shipping labels can also be created for other Ecommerce platforms where needed.

Preparing Daily Sales Report

Check sales of the account and send a daily email update to the client with last day sales and our analysis.

Checking Performance Index Of Account And Making Suggestions

Check inventory planning and performance index to identify how the account health is doing. Also, check all factors like excess inventory, inventory age, stranded inventory. If we find any issues, we escalate this to the client and acton the client’s instruction.

Filing Cases For Inventory Adjustments

Check inventory reconciliation reports and file the cases when needed.

Storage Management

For Amazon sellers – Check the allowed storage by Amazon under standard size and oversize to make sure the seller does not go over, resulting in charges – HUGE value add – many sellers have no idea how to do this.

Monthly Storage Fee Report

For Amazon sellers – Check the monthly storage fee report and prepare a summary report by items so that we can check how much Amazon charges for each item.

Services Overview

The above tasks are a small sampling of the tasks our Virtual Assistants are experienced with regards to inventory management. The tasks free up our clients time so that they can keep growing their business. All of our VA’s come trained with this knowledge and a team leader. Communication is done through Slack for messaging (or another tool based on the seller’s request), and all face to face calls are done with the VA via Zoom meetings. 

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