Full-Time Plan
40 Hours/Week

What is included in the Full-Time Plan?

Who is this plan for?

Ideal for those with well-established businesses, we recommend our full-time plan for individuals or companies who have been able to build a significant level of sales, but are finding that scaling is not possible with their current workload. We find that a full-time virtual assistant (or multiple) can help ease the workload for entrepreneurs, executives, and managers. As our virtual assistants and management team have a wide breadth of experience, we work with online sellers as well as individuals in a variety of other fields. Our Discovery Call is designed to answer questions for potential clients as well as give us an idea in order to guide you on where our VAs can be best utilized.

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Just a Few Areas of Expertise

Customer Service & Advanced Data Entry

Email Management & Email Prospecting

Social Media Tasks

Online Research

Calendar Management

Administrative Support


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