Feedback Management

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Commenting On Positive Reviews

 Check all reviews manually and post comments on positives, we can use a template from the seller based on their goals fo the response, this looks good for buyers as we are engaging with them.

Commenting On Negative Feedback

Some unsatisfied buyers will leave negative feedback or share their experience as feedback, so we checking all the feedback manually and posting our comments on this.

Negative Review Tracking And Contacting

Find where possible, the negative buyers order details by using our own methods and contacting them by sending messages to solve the issue they are facing.

Negative Feedback Tracking And Contacting

Check order details under the feedback section – contact them by sending a message to solve the issue they are facing.

Sending Review Follow up Email

Two days after the delivery confirmation email, we send a follow-up email for an honest review. This process is helping to get more reviews within TOS.

Checking Account Health, Voice of Customer, Inventory Index

For Amazon sellers – If we find any issues, we escalate this to the client and act on the client’s instruction.


The above tasks are a small sampling of the tasks our Virtual Assistants are experienced with regards to Feedback Management. The tasks free up our clients time so that they can keep growing their business. All of our VA’s come trained with this knowledge and a team leader. Communication is done through Slack for messaging (or another tool based on the seller’s request), and all face to face calls are done with the VA via Zoom meetings. 

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