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Yes! All training content is stored where you have full access to your content, no passwords are shared, and we only require account access to the level necessary to complete your tasks.

Yes, we utilize tracking software to keep a record of all activities worked on and can provide answers should you have questions about specific tasks. We also utilize Basecamp (or a software that you’re already using) for project management and to maintain full transparency.


Of course. We never discuss our clients under any circumstances. The testimonials shown were given to us with permission by clients who were open to having their information made public. Our terms of service also include a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

We match our clients with their ideal VA based upon their specific needs, so whatever your focus is, your virtual assistant will have had more prior experience in that area – and will also have a base level of knowledge across all other common platforms. For a comprehensive (but not full) list of activities our VAs can complete check out the list of tasks on our home page.

Pre-trained means that your virtual assistant will have a solid foundation of knowledge on the types of tasks you will want accomplished. For example, if you are selling on the Amazon marketplace, your VA will come to you with overarching knowledge of how the platform works. There will be some training expected on your part in order to get your VA familiar with your specific business, because we want to make sure that they fully understand what makes your company unique.

Who is VA Relief for?


Ideas are flowing, and you can't be slowed down by mundane administrative tasks.

Online Businesses

Selling online 24/7 doesn't mean that you need to work every hour of the day.


You're in charge of forward growth, and your time should be spent focusing on that.​

We provide the resources you need to scale your business.

How do we know what to offer? We know what businesses need, because we run our own thriving businesses. Our founding team built a 9-figure online business in just a few short years.

Beyond our own experiences, we do TONS of follow-up with our clients. This isn’t a freelance assistant that may just stop answering your calls…with VA Relief you’re backed by our entire in-house team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide online sellers with the best virtual assistants out there. If you have more virtual assistant related questions, schedule a call with our team today.

Our Approach

We give you all the tools you need to be successful, from a full onboard to continued support. Because our VAs are all in-house, we can be significantly more responsive to your requests!


It's Time To Delegate

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