Customer Service

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Creating Message Templates To Send To Customers

 Creation of message templates according to the questions received from the buyers and save for quick user access.

Answering Customer Inquiries

Handle messages and email where needed. Reply to the buyers as per the question. Handle any issues that come in from external eCommerce websites and respond accordingly.

Customer Support Voice Call

Voice support to customers during set business hours.

Arranging Database Of
Voice Calls

Create and manage database of all the voice calls handled for our records.

Summary Mail of All Services

 Gmail, Brand Messaging & Call Logs – We prepare one summary report of all the emails received on all email accounts & voice calls.

Managing Ticketing Software

Handle customer support ticket creation and follow-up.

Maintaining Replacement Order Sheets

Manage all the replacement order records by keeping all the necessary documents.

Dealing With Refund & Return Cases

We deal with all the refund and return cases generated by the buyer.

Negative Review Tracking And Contacting

Find where possible, the negative buyers order details by using our own methods and contacting them by sending messages to solve the issue they are facing.

Reply to Feedback

Some unsatisfied buyers will leave negative feedback or share their experience as feedback, so we checking all the feedback manually and post reply comments on this.

Review Requests

Send follow-up emails  requesting an honest review. This can be used across any Ecommerce platform, and our team works within TOS for Amazon sellers.

Sending Cease And Desist Email To Other Sellers

This applies to Amazon brand registered sellers – we can send cease on their behalf per their instructions and also email Brand Registry support to help the process. 

Customer Service Overview

The above tasks are a small sampling of the tasks our Virtual Assistants are experienced with regards to customer service. The tasks free up our clients time so that they can keep growing their business. All of our VA’s come trained with this knowledge and a team leader. Communication is done through Slack for messaging (or another tool based on the seller’s request), and all face to face calls are done with the VA via Zoom meetings. 

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