Amazon Services

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Listing Management

Create new listings for products via back end or flat-file uploads and update all the details with complete product descriptions, features, bullet points, and main images.

Feed File Listing Detail Updates

Creation of feed files to make changes in products. We can create a new variation by using existing ASINs, update variation theme, change the category, Update listings details by using feed files; these tasks can be tedious and time-consuming for sellers.

Replacement Processing

After contacting the buyers, after receiving a reply and they are ready for the replacement, we are processing the replacement as per the standard process.

Managing FBA Inventory

We keep track of all of the inventory of all SKU’s and based on sales can help recommend units to send to Amazon to make sure the items are in stock and the Inventory Performance Index Score is good.

FBA Shipment Reconciliation

Reconciliations of FBA shipments to make sure Amazon received and added the complete units which we sent under the specific shipment – this is very valuable as many times units are not received correctly, and money is lost.

Managing Reimbursements

Available on PLUS plans only- If we find discrepancies in the FBA shipments, we file the cases for reimbursement.

Creating Removal & Disposal Orders

Daily checking of inventory levels and average sale so we can place removal orders to avoid substantial monthly storage charges. Check the unfulfillable inventory and create a disposal order for damaged units and/or have it sent back to the seller per their requirements.

Oversee Account Health

Check inventory planning and performance index to identify how the account health is doing. Also, check all factors like excess inventory, inventory age, stranded inventory. If we find any issues, we escalate this to the client and acton the client’s instruction.

Listing Checks

Check all listings to make sure they have correct details on the live page: title, images, bullet points, description, A+ content, reviews, etc. If we find any changes in the listing, we act as per the client’s instruction.

Sending Cease And Desist Email To Other Sellers

This applies to brand registered sellers – we can send cease on their behalf per their instructions and also email Brand Registry support to help the process.

Checking Performance Notifications

Check performance notifications and take necessary actions when needed while also informing the client.

Preparing Forecasting Inventory Sheet

Monitor the daily sales of all the items along with the inventory available at Amazon. Accordingly, we make forecasting sales and inventory analysis. This is an ART that no tool can do well. There are far too many variables for AI to do this properly.

Amazon Services Overview

The above tasks are a small sampling of the tasks our Virtual Assistants are experienced with regards to Amazon accounts. The tasks free up an Amazon Seller / Company so they can continue to keep growing their business. All of our VA’s come trained with this knowledge and a team leader. Communication is done through Slack for messaging (or another tool based on the seller’s request), and all face to face calls are done with the VA via Zoom meetings. Additional tasks sellers need for Amazon can quickly be done based upon what your company’s unique needs are.

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