Administrative Support

Administrative Support

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Email Management

Organize and respond to emails where needed. File emails into appropriate folders, create templates for responses, and filter incoming email.

Answering Customer Inquiries

Handle messages and email where needed. Reply to the buyers as per the question. Handle any issues that come in from external eCommerce websites and respond accordingly.

Customer Support Voice Call

Voice support to customers during set business hours. These calls can be off of a script, and we can help to build out a database of information based on the products or services you offer.

Competitor Analysis

Research and compile data on competitors. Spreadsheeting of competing brands, potential options for vendors, pricing comparisons, etc.

Keyword Research

Research and compile relevant keywords for use in advertising, content and SEO. This can be altered depending on what your research is needed for.

Database Management

Management of any database information that your company may use on a regular base. Where it makes sense, regular reporting can be implemented as well.

Administrative Support Overview

The above tasks are a small sampling of the tasks our Virtual Assistants are experienced with regards to Administrative Support. The tasks free up our clients time so that they can keep growing their business. All of our VA’s come trained with this knowledge and a team leader. Communication is done through Slack for messaging (or another tool based on the seller’s request), and all face to face calls are done with the VA via Zoom meetings. 

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